During the years we have done several customer projects for universities and research entities. These include various demonstrators, prototypes and product demos. Most of the projects has been based on printed electronics.

On 2016 we established a new company, New Cable Corporation. This was due the fact that we had learned across the globe, weight of vehicles need to be lowered. One major part is cable harness and with New Cable Corporation’s solutions, the harness weight can be reduced more than 70% when compared to similar cable harness made out of round cables. This has significant impact on vehicle energy consumption. Here you can surf to that website.

Prior to The Smart Ring Senno we made few Spectrocutometer prototypes for one customer (2014). From that project we learned that we can also record not only with five Megapixels but also with one single pixel, which is a wide spectrum photodiode.

This 1001 meter Airship was presented as an example of large scale printed electronics at Prinse’14 conference that was held on 25th of February 2014 in Oulu, Finland. The Airship included printed solar modules, batteries and motors based on Biefeld-Brown effect. Later on the concept was further developed and presented at LOPEC, Munchen and IDTehcEx Show! Berlin.

Back in time there was also one flashlight project for consumer markets – Proledon. This was in early 2010’s when micro-USB was gaining popularity. Proledon was probably the first flashlight that was charged with micro-USB. Unfortunately this magnificent product was cancelled when we learned that best possible components are not necessary important to end customer.