What we do

Idea – developers guide to market

With a new idea, the path to the market may be challenging. Before the idea sells to the customer, it has to be transformed into a product. Delektre Ltd. is a independent product development company, working together with the best experts to do this for you.

We focus on developing your idea into marketable product. We usually start with a market survey (see Navigator), to position your idea into market. It is easier to develop the idea if you know the customer. If you don’t, we will find you the customer.

The next stage is to design something more concrete, for example digital models, mockups or demos. Piloting and prototypes (see the Superuser) make testing easier. Beta customers, selected with care, give often valuable feedback.

When your idea has grown into the product, the Creator service can be used to create the digital identity of the product. This includes e.g. design documents, manufacturing and quality testing instructions, packaging instructions or other documentation depending of your need.

Our main business areas are:

  • Health
  • Energy
  • Transport

Currently our key technologies are:

  • printed electronics
  • 3D printing
  • internetworking enabled intelligent devices