The Team

Antti Backman

Mr. Antti Backman – CEO

Antti Backman, CEO

  • M.A. Industrial Design, Electrical Engineering courses
  • 26 years of entrepreneurship experience
  • Family business, CEO, CTO, VP Product Creation, Member of Board
  • Product and service design, producing and marketing
  • Food, electronics, metal and military industries
  • Energy production and storaging research
  • Sensors, optometry, robotics

Antti is enthusiastic explorer and combiner of new things. Idea creator with no limits. Antti’s square has five corners.

Tommi Rintala

Mr. Tommi Rintala – CTO

Tommi Rintala, CTO

  • M.Sc Econ, BSc(Eng)
  • 20 years of enterpreeurship experience, CEO, Technical Manager, …
  • Software project management, design, development
  • Open Source Software contributor
  • Automation technology
  • Telecommunication industry
  • Wood Chip energy industry
  • 3D graphics

“Best ideas are simple enough to explain to your friend.”

Tommi loves good food (which can be seen from the frame), good company and technology. Music is close to his ears, and reading. He also has quite black sense of humour — you have now been warned.